Printable Documents for Students & Teachers

*Pre-Twinkle Songs (compiled by Nikki Routman Ebisu)
Monthly Practice Color Chart (treble-clefs)
October Practice Color Chart (Halloween theme!)
"100 times" Practice Chart (Gumballs theme)
100 Dots Practice Chart
John Kendall's Twelve Steps to Business Shifting
John Kendall's Daily Dozen - Left Hand Exercises
Fingering Chart for Intermediate Students (from Stringskills.com)
Fine Motor Exercises for Kids
(from www.Therapystreetforkids.com)

Articles & Links for Parents

Dr. Suzuki in Action: Online Archive of Dr. Suzuki's masterclasses and group lessons from his 1976 visit to the U.S. (courtesy of University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point), watch for free.

Parents as Partners, 2008 Conference: (Audio Podcasts)

How to Take Notes at Lessons: Practical Tips for Parents by Heidi Ehie
Musical Training Benefits Kids' Brains by Shankar Vedantam (Washington Post, 09/20/06)
A Parent's Guide to Music Lessons by Catherine Schmidt-Jones
How to Buy a Violin by Julie Tebbs
Seven Things to Consider When Buying a Violin by Richard Ward
Practice Tips - Rebecca Strauss's Website
Rest Assured: Choosing the Chin Rest that Best Suits Your Needs by Mary Nemet

Favorite Music Links

Local Organizations

Hawaii Symphony Orchestra
Suzuki Association of Hawaii (SAH)
Hawaii Music Teachers Association (HMTA)
Hawaii American String Teacher's Association (HASTA)
Chamber Music Hawaii
Hawaii Youth Symphony
Hawaii Opera Theater (HOT)
American Federation of Musicians, Local 677 (Musicians Association of Hawaii)

Violin/Music Websites

Aloha Tuners -- My website also! Cute character-shaped tuners for any instrument
Suzuki Association of America (SAA)
American String Teachers Association (ASTA)
Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
The Practice Shoppe --fabulous site by a Suzuki teacher and parent, great downloads
Twinkle Mat Layton Music Blog-- Games and Resources "Where Music Teacher's Come To Play"
String Pedagogy Notebook
Violin Mastery Tips -- Clayton Haslop's Blog