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Local Stores and Rentals

Renting or Buying an Instrument

I recommend renting an instrument before you make a big investment to see if you even like playing the violin at all.
I recommend renting for smaller sizes (1/32, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, maybe also 1/4). The children are still so young, the possibility of breaking the bow or instrument is likely, and you want to be sure they will stay with the instrument before you purchase it. Violin shops will NOT buy back an instrument unless you are upgrading to the next size. The only way you can can get rid of an unwanted violin is to sell it privately.

To rent an instrument at any of the local stores, it will cost approximately $30 per month, plus an initial deposit. CK Violins and Music Center offer rentals.

If you are sure your child will stick with the violin, then go ahead and buy one because it will be a cheaper investment than renting. Some locations offer a rent-to-buy option.

Recommended Local Music Shops in Honolulu, HI

C K Violins                    

1888 Kalakaua Ave. C-308, Honolulu, HI   
Phone: (808) 589-1188
Owner's Name: Nicholas Zou
Hours: 1-5pm on Monday-Saturday, or by appointment. Closed Sunday.
For a google map, click here

CK Violins has been in operation in Hawaii for over 20 years, run by husband and wife violinists Nicholas and Keiko Zou, with a full-time string instrument luthier in the shop to service instruments. CK Violins offers all levels of instruments from beginners to professional level. Rentals are available. Will ship to other areas.

Il Violino Magico Hawaii
765 Amana St Suite 202, Honolulu HI 96814
Manager's Name: Michael Wong
Phone: (808) 352-4491
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 6pm. Closed Monday and Sunday.

Il Violino Magico was founded in Tokyo, Japan, servicing student level to professional level musicians from around the world. Later, Il Violino Magico expanded to Beijing, China and Taipei, Taiwan. Magico supplies high quality musical string instruments from Italy, France, Germany, U.S., Japan, China and more.
Primarily a sales shop only. Instrument repair and servicing (bow rehairs and adjustments) is currently offered on a monthly basis.

Music Center of Hawaii     

2347 S. Beretania Street Suite 200, Honolulu HI 96826 (recently moved locations)
Hours: 10:30am-5:30pm, Closed Sunday 
Telephone: (808) 596-8742 

Excellent resource for all your sheet music and accessories needs, for all orchestral instruments. Sales and rentals of beginner and intermediate level instruments. Modern Italian violins also available.


Students: If you are interested in purchasing an instrument, please come talk to me first. We will want to compare all violins in your price range from all recommended stores. Do not select a violin for its looks. It is the SOUND and fit that matters most.

If you intend to purchase an instrument or upgrade to a nicer one, please show it to me and have me try it out, or I will meet you at the violin shop. It is a big investment; remember that each instrument is different so we need to find the right fit for you or your child.