General Information

Private Lesson Rates

Violin Artistry Studio is a year-round curriculum with a monthly tuition payment system, due on the first of every month. (Please note that most months have 4 weekly lessons per month but some have 3 or 5 weeks). There is a strict 24-hour cancellation policy.

The current lesson rates per class are:

30-minute Initial Consultation /Audition = complimentary

30 Minutes  (1/2 hour)  = $48.00
45 Minutes  (3/4 hour)  = $70.00
60 Minutes  (1 hour)      = $90.00
75 Minutes (1.25 hrs)   = $110.00
90 Minutes (1.5 hrs)     = $130.00

Internet Lessons ("Skype" or " FaceTime" lessons) are also available by appointment, same rates apply. Please inquire. I am happy to teach any visiting students (from the mainland and abroad) as long as I have an opening in my schedule. Rates are subject to change.

Beginner through Book 3 students generally take 30 minute lessons, once a week.
Book 4-6 students take 45 minutes once a week. Advanced students take 1 hour lessons, once or twice a week as needed.

The earliest age that I recommend that students start at age 4, although I will occasionally start a student at age three if the child is ready and able to stand still and focus for at least twenty minutes. Every child is different, so I'm happy to meet with you to determine readiness. The child must be able to stand still and focus, but their muscles and joints must be developed enough to play the violin -- something some 3 and 4 years olds aren't quite ready for yet.

The minimum length of lesson is 30 minutes, no matter the age. In a lesson with a four year old, for instance, the lesson with the child is maybe only 20 minutes but the rest of the lesson is used to teach the parent, and to discuss HOW to practice with the child at home during the week.

Group Class 

Group Classes are held monthly (pending my availability) for the Pre-Twinkle, Beginners (books 1-3), Intermediate (books 4-6) and Advanced levels (book 7+). The fee is $20.00/student, per class. Group Class is not a substitute for private lessons, and all students must be taking private lessons with an accredited teacher of the Suzuki Association of Hawaii. Students of other violin studios may attend my monthly group class as long as they are paying their annual membership dues to SAH. Please email for more info.
Group class is an excellent opportunity to work on memory, technique, communication, cooperation, listening skills, stage fright, confidence and musical knowledge. We play games, practice the repertoire and work on violin technique in a fun atmosphere among students of a similar age group and level.