General Information

Materials For Lessons

Violin & Bow 

Please rent or purchase a violin before the first lesson. The music store can help you with sizing. Young students under 3~5 years old may use a foam training violin until they are ready to "graduate" to the real violin or they may start directly with a real one. We can determine if they are ready at the initial consultation. Please see the Getting Started page for more information.
I recommend renting (instead of purchasing) a violin until you are sure about your child's commitment. The music stores rent for about $20~30/month plus an initial deposit. 

Required textbooks for beginners

  Suzuki Violin School: Violin Part, Vol. 1 (Book & CD, Revised Version) suzuki
            book 1

step by step Step by Step: An Introduction to Successful Practice for Violin, Volume 1A by Kertsin Wartberg
(for students who cannot read music yet)

 i can read music I Can Read Music for Violin, Volume 1 by Joanne Martin

I do sell all of these items in my studio. You can also purchase them online at Amazon, as shown in the links above. Feel free to purchase these items in-person at our first meeting, or online ahead of time.

Required Reading Material for Parents           (Before Starting Lessons)

nurtured by love  Nurtured by Love: The Classic Approach to Talent Education
  by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
, Founder of the Suzuki Method
  Also available in the Kindle e-Book version

AND (Optional, although Recommended)

Ability Development from Age Zero by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki
Also available in the Kindle e-Book version


Rosin is hardened tree sap. You swipe it on the bow every time before you play, and it leaves a white powder. It makes the bow hair stickier, thus being able to grab onto the strings more and allow for a bigger sound. It is not used to clean the hair!! Your case will usually come with rosin. If not, please purchase it. Parents: please hide the rosin from the little ones until I explain about it, since it can shatter if dropped. Rosin will become hard or sticky on the violin surface without proper care and maintenance, so you must clean your violin after practicing. See "cleaning cloth" info below.

If you want a standard Rosin, I recommend Bernadel Rosin.

Cleaning Cloth

cleaning clothPlease keep a cleaning cloth in your case to wipe off the rosin and dust off your violin and bow. Flannel material works best. You may also use a handkerchief but you must wash it frequently. Do not use towel material. You can store it on top of the violin like a blanket to protect the bridge. 


Students are REQUIRED to bring a notebook to lessons. Parents must take notes for their young child's lessons and write down their assignments for the week.

Shoulder Rest

everest Your violin does not come with the required shoulder rest when you purchase or rent the violin, so please know that you will need to get a shoulder rest at your first lesson. Every child's should shape and height is different, so I will need to recommend a certain type or brand. I do generally suggest the Everest brand since they fit best for young students and have various colors and sizes. Color choices include hot pink, light pink, blue, purple, green, orange, red and black. You can purchase this in my studio, or at my online store:  www.alohatuners.com

foamIf your child is between the ages of 3 and 5:
A contoured foam is a good choice for younger students using size 1/32 through 1/10 violins.

(They are other many other brands of shoulder rests.)


All students should have a tuner so they can tune their violin at home. There are many free or inexpensive Apps for iPhone and Android. A favorite app that I like is Cleartune, which costs about $4.99 on iTunes. When I was a child, I had the tuning pipe that you blow into, but the pitch wasn't exactly precise.

By no means is this required, but a big hit in my studio is my exclusive item that I sell in Hawaii, the Aloha Tuners Character tuners for stringed instruments. They come in fun shapes and colors like Owls, Reindeers, Skulls, Cats, Bears, Bulldogs, Bats and Aliens. See www.alohatuners.com for more information. $20.99 with free shipping.


  Ims OwlsalienreindeersBatman